CSBI provides a forum for cross-industry learning on biodiversity best practice amongst the oil and gas, mining and finance sectors with participation of members from the three respective industry associations – IPIECA, ICMM and EPA. It is a member-led initiative with members  participating through various working groups, ad hoc tasks forces, or through taking on leadership roles within the initiative.

With one of the major goals of the CSBI being to serve as an open forum for knowledge sharing on biodiversity best practice, the initiative welcomes new members from the extractive or finance sectors who are not in the participating industry associations (ICMM, IPIECA or EPA). Membership criteria is available upon request (note there is a participation fee if not part of a member association).

CSBI is governed by a joint Steering Committee with balanced representation from each participating sector. Current members are:

Sector Company
Mining / ICMM Newmont Mining Corporation, AngloGold Ashanti
Oil & Gas / IPIECA Chevron, BP
Finance / EPA BNP Paribas, JPMorgan Chase

The Steering Committee has a Chair, which previously rotated on a 6-monthly basis between the associations. From 2015, the Chair role will continue for 12 months. Current and recent Chairs are:

Chair Term
Scott Miller, Newmont (ICMM) 2016
Mark Johnston, BP (IPIECA) 2015
Giulia Guidi, JP Morgan Chase (EPA) Q3/Q4 2014
Peter Gunther, Anglo American (ICMM) Q1/Q2 2014
Gertjan Roseboom, Shell (IPIECA) Q3/Q4 2013

Representatives of the 3 industry associations also participate in the Steering Committee. These individuals are:

Association Representative
ICMM Hayley Zipp (Alt Ruth Thomas)
IPIECA Ruth Romer
Equator Principles Association Biodiversity Working Group Giulia Guidi (JP Morgan Chase)

The association representatives, the Chair and the Coordinator (mentioned below) comprise an Admin Committee.

Working Groups are responsible for the work programme items and are managed by Working Group Leads. These are currently:

Working Group Member Lead(s)
Tools and guidance 2016 lead to be announced
Knowledge sharing 2016 lead to be announced

The Secretariat, technical support for the steering committee and working groups, is provided via a Coordinator.