Tools and Guidance

The currently available products are:

Mitigation hierarchy cover imageA cross-sector guide for implementing the Mitigation Hierarchy

Practical guidance, innovative approaches and examples to support operationalizing the mitigation hierarchy effectively.

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Biodiversity baseline data coverGood Practices for the Collection of Biodiversity Baseline Data

To guide practitioners on how to conduct meaningful baseline to ensure a positive outcome can be measured over time.

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Timeline tool (English)Timeline Tool

The timeline tool has been designed to assist staff involved in extractive project planning to better align project development, biodiversity impact management, and financial timelines and milestones.

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The Tools and Guidance Working Group of CSBI focuses on the uptakeĀ and implementation of the CSBI products. In 2015, it has been helping with the dissemination of these products to its members and the development of CSBI training materials.

In 2016, the Working Group will continue to focus on the dissemination and uptake of the CSBI products, the running of regional workshops, developing metrics to track the uptake and usefulness of the products; and providing a framework for feedback on the products from members and other stakeholders.